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Abandoned - Book 1 - Strays

by Nufaysah Alauddin


By Nufaysah Alauddin
"RUN!" Horizon, My Sister Said, I, Cypress, Was Running Away from The Shady Humans, Me And Horizon ran and ran to a abandoned place, which was our home, Horizon went to rest and i was going hunting.
After A Hunted a Bit, I See A Shadow, I Jump, And I See A Tom-dog, who looked like a shih-tzu. "What's Your Name? I'm Stag." He Asked Me, "Oh! My Name is Cypress." "Wanna Be Friends?" "Stag asked me. "Of Course!" I Said.
After A Pause, I Asked, "Can We Meet here Tomorrow, At the same time?"
He Nodded His Head. After that, i went happily, wagging my tail.
Chapter 1: RUN!

Chapter 2 - A Taste Of The Wild

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