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Your QAA Membership in 2024

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Your QAA Membership in 2024
Making the most of your Membership

This interactive book brings together a selection of our new and most popular resources that help you and your colleagues deliver a high-quality student experience.
These materials help you to address current challenges through insightful guidance, practical toolkits and opportunities to learn from the experience of your peers.

We know time and resource is limited, so we’ve brought together the experts and done the thinking for you. 
“QAA Membership brings convenience to the table. Instead of having to start all elements of the regulation and quality assurance from scratch, I can utilise the wide range of resources to support my role.”
Tried and tested approaches to save you time

A range of toolkits developed through our Collaborative Enhancement Projects provide frameworks, templates and case studies to give you a head start on tasks and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Check out some of our most recent publications and share them with colleagues:

Generative Artificial Intelligence

Our curation of resources relating to Generative Artificial Intelligence enables you to better understand the challenges and opportunities of these tools whilst maintaining academic standards.  

The latest addition to the collection includes the new edition of Quality Compass: Navigating the complexities of the artificial intelligence era in higher education. The think piece suggests ways in which this technology might be used to enhance curricula and personalise learning, while underlining the importance of maintaining core academic values, ethics and integrity.

A sound investment of your time…
Our Podcast series hosts discussions on some of the biggest issues HE providers are battling with. 

The latest episode explores the challenges we face in embedding employability in our curricula, and the kinds of strategies and support that can benefit both educators and their students.  
“Embedding employability is about rethinking what education is actually for, what we're preparing students with, and how we support students across the whole student life cycle”
Visit our platform to explore the growing catalogue of

You’ll find episodes on: 

  • supporting student transitions and engagement 
  • experiences of pass/fail assessment 
  • neuro-inclusivity 
  • multimodality 
  • Collaborative observation 
  • Phenomenon based learning.

Tune in now!
Going above and Beyond the Baseline

Beyond the Baseline is a resource map which demonstrates how QAA Membership resources and activities relate to the OfS regulatory requirements and how they can be used to enhance your student learning, teaching and assessment.