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The road at the end of everything
By the one and only Georgia Wells
Wednesday 17 March
Today I woke up and heard my cousin yawning loudly. I put my cosy slippers on and walked downstairs, my sis Immie and my cousin Ayla were at the table already eating. I slumped into my seat and started eating too. Then I went upstairs and actually put thought into what i was wearing, like that would even matter. Hen I went to the bathroom and did my messy hair.
Later on at lunch we heard gun shots! My parents looked scared. I almost wet myself! I felt shivers going down my spine. Then we heard loud crying. I tried to be brave and put a determined look on my face, but really on the inside I was petrified. My Mum said we needed to go somewhere. We left the house and almost immediately our house was bombed! My Mum dropped her stuff and cried. Then I realise dad was in there. We walked up to the boat I understood. We were running and then mum was shot auntie and uncle too. Tears streamed down my rosy cheeks. Play my cousins, Ayla, Belle, and Michalina and my siblings Immie and sumayyah ran as fast as a spotty cheetah. We jumped on the boat. The putrid smell of vomit filled the air.
hours later, we thought everyone was safe. The had been shaking a little, but otherwise I had felt… safe. Everyone on the old rusty boat was asleep.
Thursday, 18 March
We got off the boat at 9 am sharp in the morning. But smile spread across my face but it quickly faded when I noticed Immie was gone my heart felt empty. tears streaming down my face, I tried to hold them back. I called 999 telling them she was gone. The sent out search parties.
Sunday, 21 March
They still can’t find her and it’s been a few days now. My heart sank when they gave up. I went to the hut I was living in and cried myself to sleep. Then I had an idea in my dream as if a lightbulb had just lit up in my head. We could search tomorrow!
Monday, 22 March
At 6 am sharp we went searching for immie but 2 hours in we got lost since we didn’t know the area. We saw a small cave and went in. Then the earthquake happened a rockslide fell over the enterance to the cave. Ayla grabbed me scared we all did a group hug terrified.
Tuesday 30 March
It has been a week now in the cave Ayla, Belle and Michalina passed away from starvation Immie is very ill I’m barely alive.
Wednesday, 31 March
Immie passed away at 7 am I called 999 to revive her but it was to late I hear people shooting the rocks
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