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Documenting Gina as a Maker

by Qi Dang


Documenting Gina as a Maker
In this course, I learned to use maker elements to assess students’ making process and products. This book documented 5 elements, which are agency, troubleshooting, productive risk-taking, design process, and social scaffolding through photos and short videos. For each photo or short video, I talked about what I documented and why it is representing a certain element. Please enjoy!
Maker Pedagogies
Gina Dang
In this short video, Alena and I worked together to try to make the object move and the b.board sing at the same time. At first, the goal of doing this activity was just to move one object by following the instructions. However, when we reached this goal, we wanted to challenge ourselves, so we thought, why don’t we move two objects at the same time. Luckily, we succeeded even though we discussed for a while about how we could reach our goal. Since we achieved our goals, we obtained confidence from this learning process, so finally we were able to make the object move and the b.board sing at the same time.

This is an example of agency because we were not just stopping from what the instructions told us to do, rather we set our own goals, brought up ideas, and had a discussion, as well as fixing mistakes for achieving these goals.
This picture of me was taken by Jenna Yorke when we were creating our recycling car by using cardboards. I was making the wheels of the recycling car. The problems I had were 1) there was no draw compass with me, and 2) there was no sharp paper knife with me. Therefore, I used my water bottle to draw circles and the little yellow item with a sharp end to cut the circle out.

This is an example of troubleshooting because I kept finding solutions to solve the problem of lack of drawing compasses and sharp paper knives. Eventually I figured out other alternative tools to replace them and successfully made the wheels for our recycling car.
Productive Risk-taking