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The Strange Case Of Jeff And Calvin 'Bald' By Tommy Huynh

by Tommy Huynh


The strange case of Jeff and Calvin 'Bald'
by Tommy Huynh
Table of contents
Chapter 1 Meeting Jeff
Chapter 2 The story starts
Chapter 3 We need to help him
About the author
Chapter 1
Meeting Jeff
Jeff is your average 16 year old high school student. He is the kindest student, polite and an average Grade 12 student. He lives in Los Angeles in a mansion. He has slick back, blackish blonde hair with heart eyes. He also loved wearing suits that cost over 5 Thousand dollars. It was pretty easy to identify that his parents are rich. In school everyone wanted to be his friend and everyday people in his school would follow him. He would show up to Mister Parkers math class happy everyday and would give away money to the poor students in his class. Until one day, he showed up to class stressed and tired. Mister Parker asked Jeff "Whats wrong?". Jeff answered, "It's nothing". After 2-3 weeks, Mister Parker started getting worried. He asked his parents, "Why is Jeff showing up to class stressed?". Both his parents mentioned that he has been staying up late all night. So, to dig deeper into what was wrong with Jeff, Mister, Parker hired a private investigator.
The private investigator arrived at Jeff's farm. Slowly, the investigator got out of his car, walking to the front entrance of the farm and opening the barn door. Inside, he found stacks of hay. The investigator wondered "Where is Jeff?" He dug into the hay stack and found a door and then Jeff yelled, "Leave!", but he just stayed there. He yelled again, "Last chance!" The investigator got scared and ran to his car, driving off in full speed. Jeff came out, smiled, went back to the door before going in he looked back and smiled.