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Microrrelatos terroríficos

by Alumnado EOI Sabiñánigo-Jaca



Welcome, everyone, to the results of our spine-chilling Halloween Short Story Contest! Whether it's a ghostly encounter, cold-blooded killers, or mysterious happenings, our great writers have left us haunted with their creativity! Get a glimpse into the realms of darkness and read the hair-raising tales penned by the participants in this celebration of the macabre.
Well done, all of you, and thank you for sending us your stories!
English Department
He was playing computer games in his room. The tranquillity on his house was interrupted by a voice from the down floor.
“Honey! Can you come for dinner?”
He recognized his mother’s voice from the kitchen. He saw his clock and thought that was a Little bit early for it. He stretched and sighed, but he thought it would be good to play longer before going to bed.
When he was going down the stairs, something pulled him mover his back and covered his mouth. It was his mother, who whispered him very quietly and slowly:
“Don’t move and be quiet. I’ve heard it too”
Once upon a time, a truly ugly and wicked man, who lived in an old castle placed far away from anywhere, thought that he could be a terrifying ogre. He was a lonely giant man and he was keen on eating meat, especially from cubs, including kids.
“First of all, I should move to a village where there are children and farms if I want to carry out my plan”, he thought.
The village chosen by the ogre was one with a cattle farm on the outskirts.
Few days later, on a dark stormy night, he grabbed a very sharp knife and set off for the cattle farm searching for little cubs. When he entered, not only could he smell the blood of a recent birth, but also he drooled while he headed to the newborn animal. Fortunately, he didn’t take into account that the cow and the calf weren’t alone, a huge red eyes bull was with them.
After a violent and bloody fight, the bull killed him because of a goring in the eye, and avoided a great slaughter as there were ten little calfs more in the farm facilities.
Moreover, the performance of the brave bull avoided the death of many inocent children in the future.

Moral: “Behind the weak beings there is always a strong one who protects them”
It was a foggy and freezing night. I was walking down the street after a funny birthday party.
Suddenly, I could hear someone was crying, and after a few seconds, I saw a little girl curled up on the sidewalk.
What’s the matter? -I told her-. Are you lost? Where are your parents?
The little girl looked at me and smiled. She said: I was waiting for you. Successfully, I’ve found you. Now we can go back home.
I was absolutely confused. Obviously, that girl was mistaking me for someone else, but she continued talking: All my family is you -She said- I shouldn’t have died in that fateful accident.
I looked into her eyes and suddenly I understood. My older sister had returned 20 years later.
My mother was pregnant with me when she died drowned in the family pool.
Nice to meet you - I hugged her.
This short story is about all the people who celebrate Halloween but do not celebrate All Saints Day, the pumpkins rebel and turn them into zombies and vampires.
It all starts in 2022 when the pumpkins rebelled because they realized that people used them to be scary but not to eat them and then since they have magical powers they put a condition that only people who are going to put flowers on them the next day can use them to their dead relatives because it was All Saints Day and since pumpkins have a magical power, they located all the people who did not do it and turned them into zombies or vampires and gave them an effect that would never go away.
In the end the following year in 2023 what people did was listen to the pumpkins because they had already seen their relatives transformed into zombies and vampires.