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Jayden's Sneaky Green Friend

by Angela Chavez

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Jayden's Sneaky Green Friend!
By: Angela Chavez
On one sunny morning, Jayden came to school. He got off the bus and went
to his classroom to see his teacher and classmates.

When he got to class, he noticed a green dot on his hand.
Jayden shook his hands and tried to take it off with his fingers.

But the dot would not go away! Jayden put his right hand close to his eye to see the dot better.

When Jayden put his hand close, he saw the dot had a smile and two small eyes.

"Oh no! Who is this?" said Jayden.
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Jayden felt his hand was itchy and sticky. It was making him uncomfortable.

The green dot laughed at Jayden and then moved to the other side of his right hand.

Jayden turned his hand upright and saw the dot jumping around his palm.

Jayden tried to take it off with his fingers but the dot kept escaping!!

"What will I do? I have to take him off, he's running away!" thought Jayden.
As the green dot kept laughing and jumping around his hand, Jayden thought how he was going to remove this sneaky green friend.

"I have an idea!!" exclaimed Jayden in a high voice.

Jayden got up from his chair and asked his teacher to use the bathroom.

"I'll get rid of this sneaky guy by washing my hands!" said Jayden with determination.
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Jayden went with his teacher to the boys bathroom.

Jayden ran inside the bathroom and looked around. Jayden looked back at his right hand and saw the green dot goofing around his palm.

He grew a huge grin on his face.
"I am going to beat you Mr. Sneaky! I will be victorious!!" said Jayden out loud.
Jayden saw the sink in the bathroom. He went up to the sink and turned on the faucet. He pressed the button and put his right hand underneath.

Cold water gushed out the faucet.


The sneaky green friend got drenched!

But he kept jumping around Jayden's fingers and nails.
Jayden was shocked!
Before Mr. Sneaky could dry up, Jayden quickly grabbed the soap on the sink. He pressed the pump and put soap all over his hands.

Jayden started rubbing and scrubbing his hands saying "Ha Ha Ha Mr. Sneaky! I got you now!"

But Mr. Sneaky was hiding inside the bubbles! Jayden couldn't believe it!

Once he cackled, Jayden got angry. HMPH! I have to think of something else, he thought.