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English Final Work

by Alex Duchi


Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano
Course: 1D1
Name: Alex Duchi
The giant armadillo weighs almost 50 kg and measures between 75 and 100 cm in length, with a tail that reaches 50 cm in length.
In their body have also some plates that protects them and their pups, these aremade of queratine and dead skin.
Their families are related to mammals, but with the placentals of the Cingulat order and their scientific name is Dasypodidae.
These habitads are made by the armadillos, they build these habitads by digging the floor and the dirt, in this burrows they look after their childs and prepare them for folding and teach them how to survive.
These animals eat vertebrates, fruits, plants and carrion. And the reason that these animals are in extintion is for their meat that its similar to the porckchop in taste and texture.
The greatest threat to the populations of this species, both locally and nationally, is intensive hunting for traditional purposes (construction of rattles, charangos, amulets, souvenirs) that increases in the months of October and February.
My proposals are that:
Stop making souvenirs from the skin of armadillos, and these are found in Argentina.
DO NOT eat them since that is the main reason, they can be very tasty but let's take into account that this species is one of the last of the prehistory.
Do not let these get away from their mothers or their habitat because they can only live there and if they leave they can die.