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By - Group 1 '5D'
Members of group 1
names- Advik Kasera,Adwika Gokhale,Akrati Hardia,Ananya jain,Anvi Agrawal,Anvi Jain
Adwika Gokhale
Akrati Hardia
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Comic Panel 1
Ananya Jain
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Advik Kasera
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Anvi Agrawal
Anvi Jain
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about our school
Our school has a beautiful clean green campus of Choithram school ,Indore India with three separate buildings , the Montessori block, the Primary block and the Senior building.
In the senior school 3200 students tutored by 175 teachers studied here from nursery to grade 12 , We begin the day with the mornings assembly, singing of the prayer develops love for our fellow human beings. class presentations in the morning assembly are team based which encourage maximum participation of students and hone their latent talent, We carry out collaborative projects with schools of different countries related to each others culture as well as global issues for 6 students of different countries as well as our students going to various countries on exchange programs enables us to understand different cultures and develop respect for them. The house system promotes team work and helps to develop healthy competition, as we participate in various inter house sports and cultural events. Each student is part of one of the four houses which are BUDHHA , GANDHI , RAMAN ,and TAGORE.
We learned to become more creative, cooperative and confident by participating in various indoor co-curricular activities like art and crafts, dance, vocal music, instrumental music and clay modelling. Participating in various sports activities like football, cricket, swimming, table tennis, basketball, badminton, volley ball, kho-kho, skating, chess and athletics helps to build up sportsmanship and team spirit. We have different clubs in school the eco club helps us to safeguard our environment and move towards a greener tomorrow to the community service club. We render service to the community specially to the people less fortunate than us. The health and wellness club enables us to remain healthy and maintained personal and community hygiene . The photography club allows the students to use photography as a medium to creatively express themselves. The quizzing club encourages and motivates children in their quest for whitening their knowledge base. We use charitable cause and help the needy people of the community.