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The Adventure of Drop

by Celeste Grob


The Adventure of Drop
By Celeste Grob
Hey, friends!
I am Drop!
Let's go on an adventure! I will tell you about how I was made!
This is where it starts! Evaporation is where the sun heats up the water. The water becomes a gas called water vapor. I started as water vapor! That's really cool!
Then I traveled really far into the sky! Up, really high, the water vapor met cold air. The water vapor turns back to water or turns into ice crystals.
Clouds are formed by condensation. Cumulus clouds are low to the ground and full of water! I came from those clouds! The cirrus clouds are super high in the sky made from ice crystals.
 I am there! Just one of many!
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This is where I got my name! I started to drop! Precipitation is a process where water or ice falls when it gets too heavy to stay in the clouds. I fell from the clouds and became Drop!