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by marica celjak


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Edited the book:Marica Celjak, Primary School Bedekovčina, Croatia
People's culture is their past. For this, children need to learn their past well. cultural elements; Learning about history, food, songs, poetry and local arts will provide information about the past. In this process, we will enable students to learn about their past and help them learn about their culture.
Working Schedule
DECEMBER* information meeting
* registration of the students
* survery in order to get to know the students and teachers
* school. city,country introductions
* ınformation about partners
* facebook, whatsapp group
* blogger and websıte
* dıstrubutıon of task
JANUARY* preparation of project logo and posters
* preparing blog
* project news
* drawing my past, culture.
* creative works about culture 
FEBRUARY* safer internet day
* traditional home cooking
* safe partners
MARCH*book reading activity about culture 
* e book
* our story
* poetry
* song
APRİL* common works
* the partners eTwinning day celebration
MAY*end of the project meeting
* preparing the output of the project
* end of the project survey
* interpretation survey
* the benefit of the project
* evaluation
* final ebook
* quiziz
* project success certificates
* end of project exhibition
* application for quality labels

Pınar ESENER - Kaymaklı Primary School/Nevşehir,Türkiye
Nazan YALÇINKAYA-Tatlarin Şehit Ahmet Tekdemir İlkokulu/ Nevşehir. Türkiye
Pirlog NICOLETA-Saint Nicholas School, Vanatori, Galati, Romania
Manana ROSTOMASHVILI-LEPL -Sagarejo Municipality Ninotsminda Public School/Georgia
Uğur ÇELEBİ-Kaymaklı Primary School/Nevşehir
Duman SEÇER-Mehmet Dinler Primary School
Ürgüp/ Nevşehir
Bennur ÖZER-Gülşehir Atatürk Primary School/Nevşehir
Nino KVLIVIDZE-LEPL Sagarejo Municipality Ninotsminda Public School/Georgia 
Marica CELJAK-Primary School Bedekovčina Croatia
Isa ASLAN-Doğala İlkokulu/Derinkuyu/NEVŞEHİR
GÜLAY BÜKENA-Ayhanlar Primary School/Avanos/NEVŞEHİR
Henrieta Belánová-Materská škola Poľná 1 Košice Slovakia
Rusudan Gorgadze-LEPL Vakhtang Gzirishvili Tbilisi Public School N1736
Hatice AY KOLUKISA-Şehit Şenol Coşkun Primary School Kozaklı/Nevşehir, Türkiye
Sefer internet day
All partners involved in the project must respect the following rules:
- Send only relevant messages related to the content of the project.
- Make personalized publications, adjusted and calling for collaboration.
- When posting messages, they must be clear, consistent, concise and courteous.
- Threats have no place in eTwinning.
- Request authorization from those in charge of education to publish photos os the students in the project.
- Before publishing it is essential to check if what we share corresponds to reality.