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Chickens Play Study

by Cherries Pears


Group 1 - J-Term (Chickens Play Study)
During the Co-lab immersive experience, first graders studied the need for and benefits of play.
We explored various play and recreation space designs in the Chelsea community and the Avenues community to better understand how improving public recreation spaces can meet this important part of children's development.
Day 1
On day 1 we launched our study of play by discussing what we know about play and creating our ideal play spaces. We shared our ideas with each other and drew our plans for our play space. After, the Chickens excitedly explored play centers in the classroom. We had varied materials such as play-doh, magnatiles, legos, and art materials.
Day 2
On day 2 the Chickens participated in low-interest play centers in order to compare and contrast with the high-interest play centers from Day 1. In our reflection, the students noticed that engaging play requires sufficient materials, varied centers, and materials that allow children to use their imaginations. This discussion allowed them to begin thinking about what they will need to create an ideal play space.
Day 3
On day 3 First Grade had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Schulman, former head of the ELC at Avenues. She shared the most important factors to take into consideration when designing a play space for children. Some of those include age, safety, creativity, and physical space. The students then went to our Roof with the perspective of play designers. We mapped out the Roof in our journals as we reflected on our likes and dislikes of our Roof.
Day 4
On day 4 we visited the Pre-K Rabbits classroom to share about play in first grade and learn about the games in their space. We also spent some time in the ELC playground, observing the similarities and differences between their space and ours. We had a great time and got more inspiration for our designs!