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How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?

by Field Study 2


History Shaped by Geography
Jasper Anderson
Geography shapes us as we shape geography
So, what exactly are we talking about when we talk about geography? Sure, we can go with the simple explanation of it and say that it is the physical form of our earth, but in reality there is more to geography than just that. In this book I will be explaining what the 5 themes of geography are and how they shape the west.
What Is Geography Really?
In order to redefine our understanding of what the word Geography means, we must first learn the 5 “themes” of Geography. These 5 themes describe different categories of the Academic study of Geography. These themes are movement, human environment interaction, region, location, and place. The comic on the previous page talks a bit about the definitions of the different themes. Geographers use these themes to categorize different geographical subjects.
What Made And Makes The West?
The things that make and shape the west relate HEAVILY to the five themes. If you look around in a culturally significant place you will begin to notice the themes everywhere.

One of the themes that I noticed heavily shaping our lives as people in the west is place. Place has 2 categories, cultural and physical. I’d say the names of these two categories speak for themselves.
Example of cultural vs physical place
This is where you will help your reader understand 'What made and makes the West' a second piece of your keystone evidence that helps you explain your answer the driving question to the reader.

Each page has a suggested photographic evidence stop from our field study. The next page is where you will add your descriptive writing when we get home. For now, that page is where you should record a quick audio reflection for the photo to help you remember how you felt this photo showed what made and makes the West while reflecting one or more of the Five Themes of Geography.
The last spike
Reflection 1: Last Spike
I can connect this photo on the previous page to geography and its influence on the social, political and and economic change happening in the west through it representing the completion of the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway). This historical event impacted all of Canada, and it also connects to the theme of movement because the CPR moved and moves ideas, people and objects.

This railway was a step to take in order to connect Canada, and it even caused towns to be built specifically for the railroad (this will be spoken on more later), called railroad towns.
My connection to this geographical place is that most of my ancestors would not have moved here if the CPR was not built.