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Spooky Word Problems

by Kerry Ginn

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Word Problems
Roll the dice.
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King's jack-o-lantern had teeth on top and teeth on bottom.  How many teeth did it have altogether?

Draw to solve.
Eriyah needs eyes of newt for her witch's potion.  She has eyes already.  How many more eyes does she need?

____ eyes
Draw to solve.
Kevin sees bats flying and bats sleeping upside down.  How many total bats does Kevin see?

____ bats
Draw to solve.
Ja'meerah wants to blow out all candles in the pumpkins.  She blows out _ candles.  How many does she have left to blow out?

____ candles
Draw to solve.
One monster is feet tall.  The other is feet tall.  What is the difference in the height of the monsters?