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Season Book - Summer

by Michelle Manning


written by:
Happy Los Angeles Sticker by Math
Summer begins in the Northern Hemisphere around
Holy Ship Dolphin Sticker by Insomniac Events
The first day of summer is called the
This is the ???? day of the year.
Summer Beach Sticker by Bath & Body Works
Crab Love Sticker by Jimmy Joy
Bird Flying Sticker
Summer is the warmest season because
Lemonade Stand Alsf Sticker by Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
August is the hottest month because
Flying Queen Bee Sticker by Joe Daley
Sunny Day Sun Sticker
Bird Flying Sticker
Clouds Sticker by Belisol Rotterdam
Clouds Sticker by Belisol Rotterdam
The midday sun is in the highest point and the summer daylight is
In the summer people can
Happy Sunny Day Sticker
In the summer I like to
Pink Swimming Sticker by Create Cultivate
Pool Party Kids Sticker
Summer Sailboat Sticker by Anthropologie
Sand Castle Summer Sticker by LuxairTours
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