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Fair test Investigation

by Katelyn Walsh


Fair Test Investigation
What we are trying to find out
We want to know which material will keep the water the hottest.
Is there a massive difference in the temperature between the materials used?
Was the test fair?
Materials Required
You wil 
need -
Hot Water


Cotton Wool

Tin Foil
Washing up cloth
Stop Watch
Step 1- Add the same amount of water into the beaker and make sure they are all the same temperature.
Step 2- Wrap all the materials around the beaker and take the starting temperature.
Carrying out the investigation
Step 3 - Take the temperature in 1 minute intervals for 3 minutes.
Step 4- Put all the results together and see which material was the best to keep the temperature.
Our Outcome
We found out that the best material to keep in heat was the cotton wool .
The cotton wool kept the water hotter than the rest by 2 degrees more.
What I would do differently
Next time I would make sure that each material was exactly the same length and width.
I would also make sure the times were accurate.