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You forgot your friends BIRTHDAY!!!!

by The Kainny team


You forgot your friend's BIRTHDAY!!!
One day, you were laying on your bed not knowing what to do. Then your friend calls and says you know what day is it? You reply Monday? He says no lol it is my birthday!!! you say WHAT!!! He says yeah... it happens every year. anyway, are you gonna get something to be cuz you said you were rich so can you give me a diamond, an emerald, and a ruby, please??? You hesitate and say ok...
Thought Bubble
oh no!!!
Get the gem!!!
Turns out you are not rich at all so then you think, maybe I can rob a store? You say bye to your friend then hang up. You were in your darkest outfit and wait until it is nighttime. the store is closed and you go in BUT they are a guard dog.
Looks hungry and tired.
Thought Bubble
Turns out it was not hungry at all it bite you and you run off but you manage to get a rope and go to the roof.
you see that dazzling gem but then you remember it is a laser trap so you get your smoke. There it is the lasers!