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by Miranda Lombardi

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Ozobot Safety Tips
Don't drop the Ozobots
No water near the Ozobots
Only one person can hold the Ozobot at a time
Always put the Ozobot down to let another student use it. 
How do Ozobots work?
To make Ozobots work, we must draw lines on our paper for Ozobot to follow.
How do we communicate with Ozobot?
We use "codes" to communicate with Ozobot. Codes are commands to tell our Ozobot what we want it to do. Drawing lines using color codes can tell Ozobot to do things like pause, move slow, or move fast.
How do we control our Ozobot?
Ozobots have a computer like our "brain." If someone tells us to stand up, our brain tells our body to stand up. It understands language. Ozobots understand a special language too called a code. Codes give the Ozobots commands to do something.
How do color codes work?
Color codes tell our Ozobot what we want it to do. They act as a "command." When I draw a certain pattern, the Ozobot reads it. The pattern tells the Ozobot what I want it to do.

Color codes:
Red-Black-Red Tells Ozobot to go slow
Blue-Green-Blue Tells Ozobot to speed up
Red-Blue-Red Tells Ozobot to pause
Coding Tips
Color code commands only work on black lines
Color code command boxes need to be the same size
You can't draw a command on a curve
Color codes must be drawn on the straight part of a line
How do people use robots to solve problems?
Robots can help do things people can't do. If there's a flood and people can't leave their house, robots can help deliver food. Robots can also go to space and send information back to people on Earth. Robots can be used to help solve problems.