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12/9/22 Clark's 8th Climate Change Reflections

by Clark 8th Grade Students


Our Voices - Our Resilient Community
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Monroe Clark
Middle School:
8th Grade '22-'23
Ocean Discovery Institute:
Young Lives Transformed Through Science
To inspire the next generation of science leaders, Ocean Discovery Institute creates learning experiences for young people traditionally excluded from science due to race, income status, and educational opportunity. Our students will join high-paying fields, break generational poverty, and change the future of science.

Our In-School Programs provide early, continued exposure to science for all Kinder through 8th grade City Heights students in the Hoover High Cluster. The program design uses ocean science as a platform to spark interest in science and empower students to make a difference. Students come away with the belief that science is something they can do and that a scientist is someone they can be.
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8th Grade Reflections
This book is meant to capture and amplify the voices of 8th grade students participating in the Ocean Discovery In-School Program.

During their experience, students learn about the causes of climate change and its impacts on both a global and local scale. They learn that their own community of City Heights contributes to climate change and that communities like their own can experience severe impacts.

Students reflect on the idea that while it is important for all people to work together to solve climate change, we can all contribute in our own unique way, and create empathy by sharing their personal perspectives and experiences.

And so the students created the reflections found in this book. They shared thoughts on how climate change is impacting them, their communities, and how we can help reduce climate change.

Through this experience, the students’ voices give them power as they tell their own stories.
Making A Difference At Ocean Discovery Institute
During their day at the Living Lab, students collect data & record temperatures of different substrates to analyze in a map to identify heat islands. To combat that effect, they plant plants to add to their community & create messages to inspire others to do the same. 8th Graders go on to share their story of climate change with teachers, parents, peers, and local stakeholders and policymakers through the creation of an online newspaper.

Students also met a scientist who shared their career pathway, and challenges and obstacles they have faced along the way to becoming a science leader. Collectively, these experiences build students’ belief that they can recognize and do science, science is important and relevant, that a career in science is a possibility for them, and that they can make a difference in the world.
Students use a thermometer to measure the heat of various surfaces. They analyze this data in a GIS map that creates a better picture of heat island effect in City Heights.
Student Voices
On the following pages are the thoughts of the students at Monroe Clark Middle School, sharing their perspective on climate change.
Glassy - Period 5 & 6
Dayana - We must protect the earth not destroy it. For example if you are getting a new car try to get a Tesla it's better for the environment.
Icee - If you love living here, and even if you don't you should still clean up after yourself and others. Don't leave it thinking "it's not my problem" because soon it will be.
Alisson H. - Save nature!! Stop killing plants and animals!
Gael M. - If I was the voice of city heights I would try to help the people when they are in trouble. How I feel about the climate change in city heights is interesting because the weather should lower down like make things go slow so things can be chill and perfect.
Fabian - Pollution is bad because it harms a lot of animals and can make them die.
Oh L. - The air is getting polluted by the minute we need to do something fast so we could make it. Every minute counts.
Diego L. - I I was the voice of City Heights, I want to make sure that everyone has a healthy environment. I would make them give their employees a real voice, show their appreciation every day, and turn their values into more than just words.
Darla - Take care of the whole mainly, City Heights.
Jose - Pollution is harmful and we are part of one world.
Abisahi - I would say to stop pollution because people throw a lot of trash in the ground which causes more pollution and it hurts the world even City Heights.
Zoey D. - we the people of City Heights need to better ourselves as we need to clean, plant and use less electricity. We need to start planting more and using less electricity, like keeping the lights off during the day and we need to keep our cities, towns, homes and country clean
Uriel V. - Climate Change is bad. Too much CO2.
Angelo C. - Is to make it easy for them to have a plant for them. That climate change is what we need to work on. We can help to fix this by walking to work, planting a tree, and turn off the lights. That are one of the was that we can help.