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Does Johnny have the Flu?

by Caulie Chu


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One day after school, Johnny started feeling a bit sick. His symptoms include a fever, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, and headaches
Johnny’s mom decided to take him to the doctor. The first thing the doctor did was to note down Johnny’s symptoms. Then, the doctor asked Johnny about places he has been recently. This is so that the doctor could identify possible exposures. Johnny told
Next, the doctor will perform a physical exam. What they’re looking for will be clinical signs. These clinical signs, along with Johnny’s history, will be used to create a differential diagnosis. A differential diagnosis is a short-list of diseases that
Based on Johnny’s symptoms, the doctor has these diseases listed on their differential diagnosis: - Influenza - Common cold - COVID-19 - Lyme disease The diseases are listed in order of most likely to least likely.
Since the doctor has concluded that influenza is the most likely disease, they will now administer a test to confirm whether or not Johnny has it. Diagnostic tests available for influenza include viral culture, serology, rapid antigen testing, reverse