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Iria's Smile II

by Ana María Méndez Fernández


Comic Panel 1
We are proud to present the winning entries for "Iria's Smile" II Literary Competition.

The talent displayed by our students is once again beyond words.

English Department 2021-22

1st/2nd ESO

I opened my Instagram account. I knew I should be studying, but I was also going to fail, so why should I study then? "Monica has published a new photo". I didn't even look at it and I gave it a "like". Well, after all, she is my friend, I'm supposed to. I sighed and I turned around to see my father's photograph. If he was here... Nothing has been the same since he left, and I've had to act like I don't care, I have to pretend to be the tough one and it doesn't affect me, but... how am I not going to care? He was my father. And cancer affects. Whether you like it or not, it is a long illness, and although you always have some hope when you least expect it, it takes it away from you.
I looked at my phone again, and my mom just posted something. I decided to take a look, she didn't post things very often. And then I saw it. It had been a year since he had died. It was a picture of him... with me. Wait a minute, with me? But no one knew. How was it possible? I didn't care about him. I had to be an example. I had to be my family’s pillar. Without me, they would collapse. I read the description of the photo. 
“It’s been a year since the death of one of the most important people in my life. A husband, a friend, a teacher, but above all, a father. A father who loved his children dearly, a father who would have done anything for them. And he was a wonderful father, but he left. Today I apologize, daughter, because I have focused so much on your father this last year that I didn't realize that the rest of you were still alive, and you needed me, and I am very sorry that you had to be the one to take the role of calming us all down. But you didn't have anyone. I can't imagine how
difficult it must have been for you, as I can't imagine myself without you this last year. If your father was still here, I know that this isn't what he would have wanted. From now on, I want to help you, and I want to show you how much your father fought because he fought for you, he fought to see you every day, to hear you every day, to love you every day. It was all for you. Never feel guilty about anything that you have done because your father has always loved you, and so have I. Although sometimes it may not seem like it, I love you. And I'm not your father, and I've already accepted it, he's not coming back, but what I want now is for you to come back. I want you to return to be the singing, smiling happy and funny girl that you have always been, for your father."
I froze. Tears kept falling from my eyes until I burst. My mother came and that's when I told her. I told her everything, Everything I had suffered this year and I had shut up.
We hugged each other in the dark room, except for the light from my cell phone, which showed the red heart in the post.

By Carolina Blanco 2S