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Erasmus + Antoni Gaudí

by Spain


Antoni gaudí
By the students of 2nd grade - Institut d'Auro
- Gaudí
- La Sagrada Familia
- La Pedrera
- Casa Batlló
- Parc Güell

→Girl 2: Why are you crying?
→Girl 1: Because Gaudí was very important...And now he is dying.
Boy 1: But he is homeless 
Gaudí: No, I’m Gaudí, I am a very important architect.
Girl 2: And when were you born?
Gaudí: I was born on 25th of June in 1852 in Reus, Catalonia, but… is that to important? I’m dying can you call an ambulance, please?
Girl 1: ohhh.. yes sorry. 
Gaudí: And… well now… while I’m waiting can we talk about me? I love talking about myself, in a very few days or hours or minutes I’m going to die, so do you have any question?
Boy 1: What was your inspiration for all your projects?
Gaudí: Well I spent a lot of hours looking at nature. From there came the curves of my works, the unevennesses and the decorations 
Barcelona. When I finished my studies the director of the university said: “I don’t know if we gave a title to a crazy boy or to a genius, time will tell...”
→Boy 1: What buildings have you worked on?
Gaudí: I was lucky enough to have built el Parc Güell, la Sagrada Família, la Casa Batlló, la Casa Milà,... In all of my works, the style of Catalan modernism is appreciated since I was the great innovator of this style.
→Girl 2: What happened to you?
Gaudí: I was walking back to my home, a tram knocked me down. Finally, they carried me to the hospital, and I died three days later.

Antoni Gaudí was the architect of sagrada familia, he was born on 25th June, 1852 and died on 10th June in 1926.
He started the Basilica of Sagrada Familia in 1882, but it’s not finished yet.
The style of Sagrada Familia is Catalan Modernism.
The Sagrada Familia is located in the center of Barcelona, in a park called Sagrada familia park in Mallorca street.

The building has 18 towers; 12 of the towers represent the apostles, 4 of them represent the evangelists, and one that was designated for the Virgin Mary, and of course the last one, the highest one in the middle, represents Jesus Christ.
At the moment there are only 8 towers built and the central tower in the middle, the Jesus Christ tower, will reach 170 meters tall.

The decoration is also very important, I mixed nature with religious items. Nature elements were very important in Modernism and Art Nouveau style -which aimed at coming back to nature in a moment when Industrial Revolution was also very important. Religious items can be easily explained by the fact that it is a great basilica.
La Pedrera
Casa Milà also known as “La Pedrera” was created by Antoni Gaudí for Pere Milà, Pere Milà and Roser Segimon were a marriage. The man worked as a lawyer, industrialist and Catalan politician, which was a marriage with money.
The construction of the Casa Milà aroused a lot of interest and several reports were made on it, such as that of the magazine "L'Edificación Moderna", published by the employers association of builders.
Catalunya Caixa has invested 53.5 million euros in restoring the building in Catalonia.
Casa Batlló was built by Gaudí from 1906 to 1912. This house has got some unique features, like the windows, they are like the wings of a bat, or the roof that is inspired by Montserrat Mountain (a very important mountain of Catalunya). Also on the ceiling, there is a splash of a raindrop and the stairs are designed to seem like the spine of a dinosaur. Thanks to these impressive features, this building became one of the most important buildings of Gaudi. Casa Batlló was originally owned by the Batlló family but now it’s a UNESCO heritage site owned by the Bernat family.