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Almost Stuck On An Island

by Franco Miguel Abringe


Almost Stuck On An Island
Once upon a time in the Philippines there were friends and family. One
Of the family members were called Franco. One of Franco’s friends were called 
Finlay. They played a game called Giraffes vs Cheetahs. All of the cheetahs were called Duma. All of the giraffes were called Twiga. Franco and Finlay switched toys.
The toy was called ‘Numicon’ Some people called them ‘Unicorn’ I know, funny right? Ok. back to the story. Franco and Finlay made a portal with the tens.
Franco and Finlay fell in the portal.

They ended up in an island of Dumagete. There were only two animals.
It was a giraffe and a cheetah. Both of them were called Twiga and Duma.

Duma knew that there was a typhoon coming to Dumagete. The
Typhoon was called Typhoon Rai/Odette. ‘’Hop on my back!’’ said Twiga Franco,Duma and Finlay hopped on Twiga’s back. Twiga started to grow wings. Twiga flew to the house. Franco and Finlay were now happy. they
Lived in peace and they played with toys. The End