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The haunted projector

by Hugo MA [4C]


The Haunted Projecter
 In a castle far far away, Bob and Bobby were searching for gems. They planned to sell it to a private collector or a museum and make a lot of money.
Bobby found a door that seemed to be very secure. They used a chainsaw that they brought to bust the door open. Inside the room, they found a button on a weird looking box and Bob accidentally activated it when trying to support himself with his hand.
 The weird looking projector let out a whirring noise and suddenly a beam of light shot out of the projector which disappeared seconds later.
The weird looking projector's beam of light created a portal in the wall that it shot at. Everybody thought that there were amazing gems there so they brought a few buckets to hold all the loot.
Everybody went in the portal but was surprised by a futuristic city center. There were glass skyscrapers where robots were living in them.