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My Best Friend, Oliver

by Beth Grennan


My Best Friend, Oliver
About Oliver
Oliver was born on March 17th and he is a cockapoo!
He loves to run at the park and his favourite toy is his green bouncy ball. His best dog friend's name is Mango and she is a corgi.
All About Cockapoos!
Here is a website that teaches you about cockapoos!
I really enjoyed the Read & Write extension. I found it very accessible as it had many functions such as the tool that reads a paragraph to you. I liked testing this function and it worked very well. For example, if you are struggling to read through a paragraph, this would be a great tool. This extension is very useful for students!
Using the Book Creator website to make a book about my dog, Oliver, was very fun! I think this is a great tool to use in the classroom when completing assignments. It allows students to create an exciting and accessible project. This could also be used during our lessons for the day as it allows you to include images or videos that may be played during a lesson. It also organizes the information nicely which is very important and allows for more clarity during lessons. I would definitely have my students use this tool in class for projects and lessons.
I think these different technological tools are very exciting to use and can make learning more accessible for many students. I would love to use these tools in my classroom when doing lessons or working on projects!

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