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Writing Portfolio

by Aleksandra Sus


Writing Portfolio

Aleksandra Sus 
Dr. Lorin Schwarz
ED/EN 3000

I am From

I grab the leftover pasta in the Tupperware container and pack it in my Longchamp I bought in highschool after receiving my first ever cheque,
I pet Rufus on the head before heading out the door for my train,
“who’s a good boy” I say
Walking down my neighbourhood I’m reminiscing of my summer spent at my grandmas in Europe, 
I’m sad now that its cold,
I would do anything to swim in the sea again, and to even make that revolting face after accidentally getting salt water in my mouth, 
I would do anything to feel that warmth once again before the heavy winter.
I pull out my comfort book and read on the crowded train,
I think, how many times have I read this? 
Who cares, I lost count,
I yawn, and yawn and oh, yawn,
I’m in need of a coffee, I think,
I strut over to arabica at union
6.50 she says, I tap 

If I were a Poet

If I were a Poet, my poetry would be a sip of chamomile tea on a rainy day, comforting and soothing. It would be like a lullaby, transporting others to a world where worries fade away and only the beauty of the present moment remains. I would find solace in the spaces between words, letting silence speak volumes, allowing readers to fill the gaps with their own interpretations and emotions. 

In the simplicity of my verses, I would seek to capture the essence of the human experience – the joys and sorrows, the dreams and disappointments – distilling them into tiny droplets of emotion. If I were a poet, my words would be like the soft patter of raindrops on a summer day, refreshing and revitalizing, so much that it leaves that mark that lingers after the storm has passed.

The one where I lie

When I turned thirteen, I got the magic power to transport myself into a mystical land filled with mythical creatures. In the midst of this enchanting realm, I discovered a baby dragon that I decided to befriend. I promptly named him Blaze because, well, what else do you name a dragon?
Blaze and I created an unbreakable bond, and our adventures knew no bounds. We soared through the skies, exploring floating islands and ancient castles. On one of our journeys, we decided to challenge the legendary Griffin's Nest, standing high on a mountain peak.
The encounter didn't go as planned, and both Blaze and I ended up with scars and bruised egos. We spent weeks recovering in a hidden cave, taking turns applying magical ointments to each other. Blaze, with his gentle dragon breath, even managed to cool the burns on my wings. Oh yeah, I also have wings.
In this magical realm, it was just Blaze and me—no outsiders, no mundane affairs, just the magic of our shared adventures. I never wanted to go home.


Sorry my paper's late,
couldn't get it done on time.
Sorry it took a while,
weeks passed before I could compile.
I'm sorry, I couldn't think clear,
noise around, hard to persevere.
Sorry, in this rejecting space,
thinking is a struggle, can't keep pace.

Letter Reflection

Being tasked to write weekly at the start of each class proved to be an incredibly enjoyable activity. The diversity of each writing prompt provided a unique quality to my writing portfolio. I found myself exploring topics I had never considered before, expanding the range of my creative expression. Despite each writing prompt providing some sort of guidance, the possibilities for interpretation were endless. Take, for instance, my "I am From" poem, where I chose to go into the details of my ordinary day. It became evident that our day-to-day experiences offer profound insights into our characters and the essence of who we are. Another piece that demonstrated the diversity within my portfolio was my work titled "the one where I lie." Surprisingly, this piece led me to narrate my adventures with a mystical dragon in a fantastical realm, so different from anything I had previously written. This experience underscored the significance of creative writing.

Reflecting on my academic journey, I realized that the freedom to write creatively was never given to me during my elementary and high school years. I am determined to incorporate this activity into my future classroom. I want my students to cultivate their creativity and freedom in their writing. The ultimate goal is for them to learn how to love writing. This skill will not only improve their academic writing but also push the development of open-minded thinking. The pieces I've chosen to share exemplify the spectrum of my writing, ranging from personal reflections to pieces that allowed me to embody a different person, author. It was so new to embody diverse perspectives while writing, while not having to stay true to my own character, and especially not having to write an essay. The concept of a portfolio is so great, as it allows students to revisit their initial and final works, witnessing their journey in their confidence and skill over time. Their writing will transform and it’ll be visible and loud.