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What is the Constitution

by Melissa Chizik


What is the Constitution?
A very long time ago, the United States fought with England to be free and become its own country.

The new country needed laws.
General George Washington was the leader of the American Army and also the first President of the United States.

He also helped write the Constitution with many other leaders.
In 1787, the new leaders of the United States wrote the laws on a special document called The Constitution.
One very important thing the Constitution does is to tell exactly how the government of the United States is set up, and how it keeps from becoming too powerful.
The first three words on the U.S. Constitution are big.

They say, "We the People."

That shows that these laws are for everyone.
The people who created the Constitution also created a way to update the Constitution.

Updates to the Constitution are called amendments.
James Madison helped write the Constitution along with many other leaders.

He later became the fourth President of the United States.