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Worldview Poetry

by Keenan


My Set Of Poems
The planet likes care
But we just ignore it like air
The signs as big as a mountain
Most don’t but I know that its there

As drastic as the challenge of change
Its not as hard as rocket science
And don’t just walk further
Past a solution like it does not matter

Value what you care like life
Even if the the chance is as small as a needle
Because that needle can be like a knife
So don’t just take for granted

Our world is like an impossible thing
Things that should be fair
But have been unfair
And will as there is no care for change

As that change can be picked up
And turned into something as good as gold
But most are negative and see nothing
But just try and it may look like something

Change the problems that shouldn’t have started
Because someone didn’t want us to know
Due to the fact they cared for none but them
Not even for peace, not for an end to something
But now they’re replaced with the truth
And change is just an idea away
So if you find that idea look for more
Because all of them add up

The largest port city in the world. It was attacked, completely destroyed. Many people made it to the ships and set sail. Wear they headed, he didn’t know. He had stayed behind, freezing zombies with blasts of ice until his magic was depleted. Forced to flee from his hometown. He returned a day later to ruins.

The largest port city
completely destroyed
But many made it to the ships
Set sail
Where to
He didn’t know
He stayed behind
Freezing zombies with ice
Until his magic depleted
Forced to flee
From his hometown
He returned to ruins

Text from DIARY OF AN 8-BIT WARRIOR: QUEST MODE, (Caps intentional) a book by Cube Kid
Climate, unbalanced
Weather going too extremes
Not too balanced

We need to help
With the fight for the climate
keep the fight on

Don’t just sit there
Sitting on Netflix binging
Mando’s great quest

Soon their won’t be the joy of seeing that rare black rhino
Soon the baby elephants, lions and others will be no more
Soon the coolness of a cheetah getting the kill won’t bee there
Soon the elusive leopard in the tree will be gone
Soon the flamingos won’t dance in the water
Soon the hippos won’t be sitting there in the rivers
Soon the alligators won’t be sitting there just chilling
Soon the white rhino won’t be lying there just watching time go by
Soon the monkeys won’t be hanging out
Soon the experience of the amazing animals will be gone