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Going Coastal 2023

by PLP 8


Replace this box with a map shows Vancouver to Newport, then add a drawing tracing the route of our trip.
What I’m looking forward to. 🤩🫎
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Wolves are very cool animals. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person. 
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I think lighthouses are super neat.
Oregon Day 1
Waiting at home to play at the Seycove Cabaret and missing the first day in Oregon because of it.
I played 3 songs in grade 8 concert band, and 6 more in junior jazz band. Some of my favourites were Poco Loco, Enter Sandman, and Twist and Shout.
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Crazy curtains
At the cabaret, the curtains behind me were blowing in the wind, and it was distracting.
6 am departure, or not
The Astoria Column, or not
What I was What I saw.
supposed to see.
The Astoria Column is 125 feet tall and is covered on the outside by a cartoon that depicts a story as history.
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This is what would be on my level of the column.
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