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Do You Want to Build a Playground?

by Karen Bosch and SCS Second Graders

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Do You Want to Build a Playground?
Illustrated Stories by the 2nd Graders
Southfield Christian School
Southfield Christian Elementary School needs a new playground! The second graders wrote and illustrated these stories using their imaginations to design playgrounds for people, for animals, in space, under water, and more. They are hoping to inspire people to donate towards their new playground.

If you enjoy our book, we hope you will consider giving a donation to help fund our playground! Thanks!
My playground is in the ocean where many different animals live. On the playground there are swings and slides. My playground is special because the animals can do whatever they want. By Jacob
My playground is an adventure. First you have to go on the slide. Second you have to go on the water slide. Then you find gold. By Matthew
This is a gold finding playground. You need to escape the three alligators and the snake and fight the night. Then you need to cross the bridge. By Ryan
My park is for people. There are monkey bars, swings, and sand. My park is fun. By Avery
My playground has a lot of people on the monkey bars. I have monkey bars, swings, and trees. My playground is fun. By Kaylyn