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by Anna ORourke


By Anna O’Rourke
Bee-bots are simple programmable robots that help introduce children to the concept of coding and computational thinking. They can remember a sequence of up to 40 commands, directing it backwards and forwards in 15cm intervals.
Quarter turn to the left
Quarter turn to the right
Each Bee-Bot has seven buttons. The robots movement commands are; forwards, backwards, 90 degrees turn to the left and 90 degrees turn to the right. The middle button “go” is what you press after giving Bee-Bot his movement commands. The “X” button cancels all of Bee-Bots prior commands. The pause button allows you to pause Bee-Bot as it moves.
Here is a video which shows how the Bee-Bots work!
Story maps are a great way to use Bee-Bots. These maps are made up of 15cm boxes, the same distance the Bee-Bots travel. The children can create stories to narrate Bee-Bots’ coded journey across the map.
The story map my group used in class was of an island. We invented a story where Bee-Bot was trying to escape from the volcano, onto the pirate ship.