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by Pierson Castro


Chasing Vermeer
by: Blue Balliett
Piers Castro
Chapters 1-4
1. Why did three people living alone in Chicago have trouble sleeping on a warm October night?
Answer: They could not go to sleep because they received a letter that said this crime has not been solved in a while and if you show this to the authorities they could put they’re lives in danger.
2. How did Calder relate his pentomino pieces to Ms. Hussey's first assignment?
Answer: He reacted to to the assignment by pulling out a L pentomino and thought that the letter was not dead and L was the 12th letter of the alphabet and there are only 12 pentominoes and it was the 12th day of October.
3. Why was Petra unhappy at home?
Answer: Petra was not happy at home because her parents were very loud and Petra wanted them to ask her how her day was.
4. Why did Ms. Hussey take her class on a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago?
Answer:The field trip was to look for something in the art work that had to do with the letter.
comparing two unlike objects
Petra's household was a tornado where life swirled in noisy circles.
What is being compared? A tornado and Petra’s house hold.
a figure of speech in which an author gives human characteristics to nonhuman objects
This year a trumpet vine leaned eagerly against a cool lily, pointy leaves fought to see who could take over the steps, purples and blood reds argued loudly with each other.
What is being personified? They were arguing over the steps.
Chapters 5-8
Reading Response Questions
1. What did Petra learn from her vision of the old-fashioned woman who appeared to her in a half-dream?
Answer: Petra felt like the woman was in a writers world and thought she saw who she was.
2. Why did Calder choose the picture on his cherished wooden box to fulfill Ms. Hussey's art assignment?
Answer: He chose it because it was very puzzling to him and he likes puzzles.
Chapters 5-8
Reading Response Questions
3. Why were both Calder and Petra interested in Mrs. Sharpe?
Answer: Looked out the window and saw Ms. Sharpe , Ms. Hussey and Mr. Watch.
4. Why was Calder fascinated with the life and work of the artist Jan Vermeer?
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