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Automotive Maintenance Safety

by Chabib Rahim


 Maintenance Safety
Automotive Maintenance Safety
Repairing cars and motorcycles can be dangerous. In order to protect yourself from injury, please follow the tips to stay safe. 
Basic Rules:
1. Never work alone
2. Wear eye protection
3. Avoid loose clothing or hair
4. Stay clear of moving parts of a running vehicle
5. Be aware of hazardous chemicals and put it away from you. Immediately clean yourself with water if you accidently spill it over to your body
6. Never go under a vehicle that is elevated improperly
7. Know where the fire extinguisher is and have a planned exit route. The fire extinguisher should be kept in working order and in a place with easy access.
8. Keep an emergency response number handy and posted clearly where others can see it. 

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