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Muscular System

by Karley Butts


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Muscular System
Skeletal Muscles
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Smooth Muscles
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Cardiac Muscles
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Skeletal Muscles: Attached to bones via tendons. These muscles make up the majority of your body and are responsible for supporting the weight of your body and help you move.
Cardiac Muscles: This muscle line the heart walls and help your heart pump blood to the rest of the body.
Smooth Muscles: These muscles line the inside of the organs like the bladder, stomach, and intestines. They play a role in many other systems and unlike skeletal muscles, you don't have to consciously control them.
2) Cancer
Some cancers are specific to the muscles and cause damage to the way you move.
3) Muscular Dystrophy
This disease causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass in an individual. Individuals with this disease can eventually need a wheelchair, and have trouble do rudementary things.
4) Muscle Tears
You can tear a muscle by over exertion, usually caused by some sport or even a car crash. Tearing a muscle is not only painful, but permanently affects the way you move even after repairing.
1) The largest muscle in the body is the gluteus maximus (the but)
2) Muscles make up 40% of your body weight