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Mercedes e63 amg S

by ruslan and oleg


Mercedes e63 amg S
Mercedes is a really good car
The interior and exterior make a good impression: such a car is always noticeable, but the passengers in the cabin will definitely like it. Soft anatomical seats are equipped with ventilation, heating, massage. The sound of the audio system is clear, the soundproofing allows you to “breathe” and put everything out of your head for the duration of the trip.
A similar feature, as well as electronic systems, innovative solutions and a 612 hp engine. determined my choice of this "pleasure". Acceleration to a hundred (unbelievable to imagine, but true) is only about 4 seconds.
A powerful car
The E63 AMG is an incredibly powerful car with a split personality. It is ready to give you an alternative which driving mode to prefer today depending on your mood and traffic situation. Riding duplicity gives "smart" all-wheel drive, which will allow you to forget about the snow porridge under the wheels, the lap time. If you want a dynamic ride, you just have to activate a special mode and get front-wheel drive.
The engine capacity is 4 liters, they pull E 63,612 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate to hundreds in just 3.4 seconds. 2 turbochargers are located in the camber of the engine. 850 Newton/meters of torque.
E63 AMG comes with driver assistance PLUS
Autonomous autopilot for up to 40 minutes of independent work paired with cruise control, for driving on the highway
Autonomous activation of the brake system when scanning obstacles
Robot pilot operates at speeds up to 200 km per hour
The smart braking system is paired with a variety of motion and speed sensors for surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. If the driver has lost his vigilance, the system warns of the danger with sound and light. If there is no reaction, the pressure in the brake system increases and the car reduces the speed to the required one.
Comfort in Speed
In comfort mode, the Mercedes E63S drives like a regular sedan, using just 65 Nm for a simple highway ride. When switching the driving mode to Sport, Sport + or Race, the character of the MB E63 AMG changes. The 9-speed dual-clutch robot shifts gears quickly and smoothly, without jerking.

You can use all-wheel drive Mercedes benz E63 S or only rear-wheel drive at the discretion of the driver. Three-chamber pneumatic suspension. In sport mode, the car automatically lowers ground clearance and becomes stiffer, and low-profile rubber gives you the feeling of every hole in the road.