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Mattie Johnson Ingenuity

by Mattilyn Johnson


Smeegie and the story of Ingenuity
Mattie Johnson
To be original, smart, and creative in a tricky problem
You can practice Ingenuity by using your brain to be creative and/or make something.
you could do puzzles, draw, sculpt, or anything that could show creativity!
Ingenuity is where you create
Something new and something great
You can make something new
Make sure it's original to you
Make a drawing or a painting
A gear or a train
It can be inventive
make sure to use your brain
use your materials
whatever you have
think of a problem or a puzzle or a clue
make something awesome that relates to you
this is what ingenuity takes
now let's see what you make!

One day in New Smeegie town a young smeegie named smeegie was on his way to school at Bubble brain elementary. He loved hanging out with his friends, especially, Smeeget.
When Smeegie got to school, he went to his cubby, and put away his bag. he sat at his desk right next to Smeeget, As did the other students in class. Today they had a guest smeeker and they were going over an important skill!
When Smeegie got out his pencil, he yelped "OW!" because the back of the pencil sticking him. When he looked around he realized all his classmate's pencils were like this. Possibly all of New Smeegie Town's pencils were probably sticking them too!