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The Search for Jess

by Beatrice Kendall


The Search for Jess

Written by Beatrice Kendall

In the city of London, there was an orphanage filled with girls and boys who used to cry every night because they were lonely and forgotten. The orphanage keeper was the sweetest thing ever, her name was Ms. Honey. All the children loved her dearly, if someone was crying in the middle of the night she would wake up instantly and would go put them back to bed. This often happened every night so Ms. Honey would sometimes get tired, if this happened she would often forget about the children, which was not good.  

On a Thursday afternoon, Ms. Honey was startled by the sound of the screeching doorbell. Claire came running into Ms. Honey’s office. “Ms. Honey, Ms. Honey there's someone at the door. It looks like a girl with someone else.” Screamed Claire.
“Calm down Claire, I will get the door and tell the kids to come down here,” ordered Ms. Honey.
“Okay,” shouted Claire running up the stairwell to the playroom. Ms. Honey chuckled to herself and then turned to open the door.
“Good Morning, fine sir...”
“ Oh, hi Mr. Greenbell,” interrupted Kayla.
“Hello, Kayla. I’m surprised you're here,” said Mr. Greenbell.
“Ok Kayla, why don’t you go upstairs and do some school work with Mrs. Knight?” suggested Ms. Honey.
“Okey Dokey, spokey loepy!” sang Kayla.
The Arrival of Monica
“I’m very sorry Mr. Greenbell about Kayla, she is new and is trying to keep her spirits high. Anyway, is this who I think it is?” asked Ms. Honey.
“Yes, this is Monica and she is 5 months old. Isn’t she so cute?” smiled Mr. Greenbell.
“Wait, hold up. I thought that Monica was 5 YEARS old!” screamed Ms. Honey a little too loudly. "Ben is two years old, Melvin is four. But this is a little too small for me." Mr. Greenbell suddenly realized what he had done and mumbled something to himself and handed over Monica. 
“I sent you the information and contact details. I have to leave to get to my next appointment, but I’ll be around in a month to see how she is settling in,” ordered Mr. Greenbell.
“Goodbye, we will see you in a month,” smiled Ms. Honey as she closed the door.

 “Alrighty then, my name is… Wait, why am I telling you this? You don’t even understand me.”
“Oh, yes I do, I’m special,” smiled Monica proudly.
“Excuse me, you’re a baby that talks perfectly!” shouted Ms. Honey. All the girls and boys came running down the stairwell holding toys and markers in their hands.
“Is this that new person who is joining us?” asked Billy
“It sure is, except she is 5 months old instead of 5…”
“Wait! She’s a girl! Woohoo, in your face boys!” shouted all the girls.
“Whoa, hold your horses, I thought Ms.Honey said that we were getting a boy,” argued Ben.
“I know I said that Ben, but there was some typo in there, so we now have a girl. Too bad, so sad. Now I want all of you to go into the dining room because Ms. Broth is in there with a snack, but I want Lilly and Claire to stay with me for a little bit. Off you go kids, hurry on then,” ordered Ms. Honey. When the rest of the kids were out of earshot Ms. Honey whispered to the girls, “Hey, I want you girls to help me all the time with Monica. You're going to be like the helpers, but you can’t tell anyone, you understand?” The girls nodded. “Off you go then,” smiled Ms. Honey.  

At the snack table, Ms. Broth had an announcement to make and she said that she was going to quit her job and would flee to America. Everybody was shocked except Jess. Jess was a girl who didn’t like her name; she thought that her name was a boy’s name. “Yay, I’m so happ that eh monk breath is go’in out uh here,” whispered Jess to Melvin. You must know that Melvin was a rule follower, but he was also a tattletale.

“Ms. Honeyyyyyyy! Jess called Ms. Beautiful Broth a Monk Breath!” shouted Melvin from the other end of the table. Ms. Broth blushed since Melvin was her favorite kid. 

“Okay Melvin, thank you for telling me what Jess said, I will talk to her after snack," Ms. Honey assured him. Snack continued like normal, Ben throwing up, Melvin crying and Ms. Honey having a headache.  “Okay kids, may you all please go upstairs? I’ll have Claire turn on the TV and Lilly can you take Monica up with you please? Great! I shouldn't hear a peep out of
you then. Jess, where are you going? I still have to talk to you, remember?” Ms. Honey reminded her.  

“What do you want with me? You're probably going to tell me off again aren’t you?” sighed Jess.
Goodbye Ms. Broth 
“No, that’s not true at all, I would like you to meet Ms. Ashley; she is here to talk with you. She will be living here from now on,” Ms. Honey smiled.

“And, why do I need to meet with her?” asked Jess, somewhat interested.

“She is here to help you conquer your frustration. She will be here every week on Sundays to see how your week was. So I would like you to meet Ms. Ashley in the front room now please,” Ms. Honey whispered. 

“Fine,” groaned Jess. As Ms. Honey and Jess walked to the front door Jess asked Ms. Honey, “Ms. Honey, I wan tell you someth’n, but please jut liten und don't interrupt. Ok, her it goes, on Tueday I check mail and dad sent letter. I read it and says he come home neck week. I don want im to come home. Wat I do?” Jess started crying.

Ms. Honey wrapped her arm around Jess and said, “It’s ok, let's go talk to Ms. Ashley.” Jess and Ms. Honey walked through the front room door.