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Venetian Traditional Recipes



Venetian Traditional Recipes

Class 2^E
Venetian Crostoli
The Crostoli are original from Veneto. They are fried sweets in rectangular shape. Typical of Venetian Carnival they spread over time in the whole Italy with different names. The difference is in the presence of Grappa, a strong Italian Brandy, in the preparation of the mixture. They are generally served with icing sugar.
- All-purpose Flour  500 grams
- Lard or butter 20 grams
- White sugar 30 grams
- 3 eggs
- 1 glass of Grappa
- A pinch of salt
- Icing sugar
- Hot oil
- Seed peanut oil (just enough)
Prepare the pastry creating a mound with the flour and then add sugar, softened lard or butter, Grappa and eggs blending them together using the hands until you obtain a homogeneous and elastic compound. Divide it in three parts and stretch it each part with the help of a rolling pin achiving a puff pastry. The puff pastry it has to be 3 mm thick. Shape the pastry in a rectangle and make a central incision in the rectangle. Put some oil in a pan and let it boil. Fry each piece of pastry and let them cool down. At the end powder the rectangular shapes with icing sugar. How to conserve Crostoli: put them in a packet or in a closed case for 2-3 days.
Chiboub S., Guidomi W., Piva A.
Venetian Salami
In the province of Verona the livingstock of porks has marked out the farming tradition. The production of processed meat was essential in the food habits of the past. This kind of salami has its own methods of drying and hnaging. The salami has a cilindric shape with a diameter of 6-8 cm and a length of 20-30 cm and its weight is about 600-700 grams. It is soft and full.When you cut it its red and white for the little fat pieces.
750 grams of pork leg
250 grams of raw bacon
1 big bowl of pork
4 grams of chopped garlic
½ glass of red wine
20 grams of coarse salt
3 grams of pepper
After the elimination of all the nerves in the meat you need to cut it with the fat in small pieces. Then put the spices (salt, pepper and chopped garlic) in the compound and add the red wine and mix everything. Let it rest and then put the bowl in water and vinegar. Put the meat inside and bind the extremities. Let it dry for some days and it will be mature.
Lucchi S., Tosato G.
Venetian Risotto
The Risotto is the first dish to eat during the winter time. Beloved above all in the North of Italy it is often served with vegetables or meat. The ingredients are generally fresh, the meat is tender and the rice to prefer is Vialone Nano, a typical kind of rice cultivated in the province of Verona.