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Palićko Lake

by Nevenka Radenković


Nevenka Radenković, Primary school "Rifat Burdžović Tršo", IV5 Novi Pazar , Serbia
Palićko jezero
Name: Palićko lake
Nationalty: Serbia
Date of birth: Lake Palić was first mentioned in written documents in 1462 as Pali (Paly).
Place of birth: According to legend, the lake is a remnant of the Pannonian Sea.
Tributary: There are no tributaries.
Outlet: Does not have.
Depth: The average depth of the lake is 1.9 m, the largest is 3.5 m,
Branches: Does not have.
Natural basin of artificial basin:Natural.
Distinguishing marks: The lake is divided into four sectors and is rich in fish. During the tourist season, the water temperature ranges between 18 and 25 °C. Palić is characterized by a moderate continental climate and averages about 2100 sunny hours per year, and the average summer air temperature is about 20 °C. The most common wind direction is northwest-southeast

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