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The Tale Of Scheming Teens

by Henry Schuch


The Tale Of Scheming Teens
By Henry Schuch
Chapter 1
I'm going to need thick, big, glasses."
It was a time of terror. Scheming teens would devour each other in the street.
Only one man knows how to stop the terror. One bold, intuitive man - Harold Doop.
Harold is a 29-year-old actor from Shanghai with a thirst for robots.
He knows that to stop the scheming teens from continuing their dastardly deeds, he must betray his smart daughter, Sonya Malkovich.
Chapter 2
He gives up his wildlife and travels to Italy, Naples where he attends an important holiday and acquires some thick glasses.

However, when Harold is taken ill with gangrenous legs, the gangrenous legs make your leg sour and in pain. It looks as though the scheming teens will prosper.

Will Harold Doop be able to save both the day and his legs?
Stay Here if you what to find out in The Scheming Teens 2.
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