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Bio's of the Cast & Crew Of . . .
Bio's of the Cast & Crew Of...
Kayli Abbott

Hello my friends, Kayli Abbott, an 8th grader at Park View Middle School, is excited to be part of the Frozen Jr show! She has not been in any shows, as this is her first production ever! Kayli is incredibly excited to be a part of this. Some activities include Jazz Band, Marching Band, Blue2 Winds, Student Government, and regular band. She is a big band nerd if you couldn’t tell. Also, she plays the trombone. Kayli would like to thank her parents for always being there for her. She knows she can always rely on them for anything. Kayli would also like to thank her brother for being the happiest person on Earth and for always giving her a light at the end of the tunnel. Kayli hopes you enjoy the show, and that you enjoy a fruity smoothie after.

Josiah Anderson

Josiah is an eighth grader. He is a part of the stage crew, as he was last year, with the Little Mermaid production. He is involved in MYSO (Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra), String Choir, Alt. Styles, and Art Honors. Josiah would like to thank his friends and family for their support. He hopes you enjoy this wonderful production!

Pearl Bast

Pearl is in 8th grade and plays the Maid and is a part of the Oaken Family.  She has never been in any plays or musicals and is so happy to be a part of this one.  Outside of the PVMS musical, she does other school activities like Art Honors, Yearbook Club, Battle of the Books, and Student Government.  She would like to thank her parents, siblings, friends, and everyone else who supported her during this musical!  Thank you for encouraging Pearl, helping her practice for auditions, and so much more!  You are all SO amazing!  Thank you for coming to see the PVMS Frozen Jr. musical!  Enjoy the show!

Emma Berish

Emma is a seventh grader at Park View Middle School and is excited to appear in this production in the role of Olaf. Previous shows she has appeared in include Willy Wonka Jr. where she played Grandma Georgina and the Waukesha West drama academy production of Frozen Jr. where she was a member of the ensemble. Outside of this production, Emma also plays volleyball. She would like to thank her entire family for helping to shape her into the person she is now. A special thanks to her dad for helping her through the auditioning process. She is also very grateful for her friends. Lastly, Emma would like to thank all of the adults involved for making this show as amazing as it can be. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Mckenzie Blue

Mckenzie is a 7th grader at Park View Middle School, and in Frozen Jr. she is part of the Snow Chorus. Last year, Mckenzie was a munchkin teacher in the Wizard of Oz at Mukwonago High School. Outside of the musical, she participates in soccer and cross country, and plays trombone in the PVMS Jazz Band. Mckenzie would like to thank her friends and family but especially her best friend, Lily, who supports her through everything and is there when she needs her.  She would also like to thank her mom and dad for always supporting her through her good decisions, her bad decisions and her rollercoaster of emotions. She hopes you enjoy the show!