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joseph the Dragon

by Shyanne Marques


11/19/ 2022,
the story of Joseph turns into Dragon.
Illustrated by shyanne marques.
Written by shyanne Marques.
once there was a guy name Joseph and he was walking in the rain Forest, and he hears a sound in the bush and a dragon scratch Joseph's arm, and he needs to get back to the Robinson's house before the blood moon rise, and the Dragon flies away and gives Joseph power and Joseph runs home.
so then, in the middle of the night and Joseph uses soap and water on his arm with the scratch and wouldn't heal, in the morning Joseph got up and stretched his body and he looks at the mirror, but something went wrong, and he feels something on his back, and he has dragon wings and tail, and he has fangs are very sharp and he is trying not to panic, and he don't know what to do.
so then, Joseph hears someone coming and he turns into a human so he hides his dragon's wings and tail, and nobody will ever know, Lewis came to see his dad and Joseph asks Lewis about father and son relationship, so Lewis Robinson walks away, and Joseph wags his tail.
so then, Wilbur helps his mom, and he cut his hand and he was hurting, and Joseph smells the blood, and he turns into a Dragon, and he scratch Wilbur in his face," get away from my boy you Dragon!" said Franny Robinson with her anger tone, and the color turns black and white kung fu film Just like Meet the Robinsons movie, so Franny Robinson fights Joseph the dragon and Wilbur is scared and went to his Room.
so then, Uncle Gaston Robinson checks on Joseph and he feels sad, and he cover his Wings," Joseph are you okay and what's wrong!" said Uncle Gaston with his soft voice," I am okay Gaston and I turn into Dragon," said Joseph with his sad tone, and Uncle Gaston wipes Joseph's tears," Joseph, Joseph, please just Look at me!" said Uncle Gaston and he holds Joseph's hand," it's okay Joseph, Remember I'm your best friend and I'm not going to hurt you okay!" said Uncle Gaston, and they bump their foreheads and he saw the Scratch Mark of Joseph's arm and he had one on his arm too and they are the same Dragons.