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Franny Robinson the dragon

by Shyanne Marques


the story of Franny Robinson turns into Dragon.
Written by Shyanne Marques,
Illustrated by Shyanne Marques,
once there was a girl her name is Franny Robinson and she was walking in the woods, and she hears a sound coming from the bush and the Dragon came out from the bush, the Dragon scratch Franny Robinson in her arm and the Dragon look at her with his Dragon's eyes, and he gives her power and he uses his roar at Franny Robinson and the Dragon leaves, " ow my arm it really hurt, and I need to get home before the blood moon rise!" said Franny Robinson, and she is hurting really bad and she need to get home before the blood moon rise.
later that night, she got home safe and sound and she went to the bathroom, and she turns on the sink and uses soap and water to clean that wound on her arm and wouldn't heal, and she got up in the morning and she stretch her body and she went to the bathroom, and she looks at the Mirror but something went wrong, and she turns into a Dragon, " oh my god I'm a Dragon and I look like a female Dragon," said Franny Robinson gasped, and she doesn't know what she can do.
so then, Franny hears someone coming and she Hides, and nobody will know, and Joseph checks the bathroom, and he hears a sound coming from, " Franny could you come out please," said Joseph, and Franny came out of hiding and she shows to Joseph of her Dragon wings, " Franny are you a female Dragon," said Joseph with his shock tone, " I was Joseph," said Franny, Franny tells Joseph of her secret and nobody will never know.
so then, Franny Robinson finish of her story and Joseph feels bad for Franny Robinson and she cover her wings, " Joseph could you just go without me," said Franny with her sad tone, " no Franny and I'm not going to leave you, but I'm here and I am yours I will give you whatever I have, to keep you safe," said Joseph, and Joseph hugs Franny Robinson and she feels much better.
so then, Joseph asks Franny Robinson to stay in the bathroom and nobody will never know, Joseph came to see Uncle Gaston Robinson and Uncle Art Robinson, when she got out of the bathroom and she will check on Joseph, " hey Joseph and she is right behind you!" said Uncle Gaston, when Joseph hears a growl from her, when she is going to eat him and Uncle Art Robinson and Uncle Gaston are very shocked, " Franny is that you," said Uncle Art Robinson, " yes is me," said Franny Robinson, so Joseph was told the truth and tell of her story.