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The Zoo

by Hannah Murphy


Zoo Animals!
Hello, I am Paddy the panda. I live in a bamboo forest. I love to eat bamboo. A baby panda is called a cub.
Illustration Love Sticker by The Cheeky Panda
Hi! I am Ellie the elephant. I live in a savanna, by water and trees. I like to eat plants. I use my nose to pick leaves from tall trees. A baby elephant is called a cub.
Plant Grow Sticker by Stuff
Hi there! I am Fia the flamingo. I live by a lake, in a tropical country. I love to eat fish. A baby flamingo is called a chicklet.
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Hey! I am Kim the kangaroo. I live in Australia. I like to eat plants, like grass. I carry my baby in a pouch, on my belly. Baby kangaroos are called joeys.
banana STICKER by imoji
Hello! I am Mossy the monkey. I live in tall trees, in hot places. I love to eat fruit, especially bananas. A baby monkey is called an infant.