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Different Types of Face Masks

by Malhar Parmarth


What Are the Different Types of Face Masks?
The WHO approve of basic and surgical face masks for public use. These type of masks are specially designed to prevent you from spreading any virus you may have.
The different types of face masks include:

1) Basic cloth face mask
2) Surgical face mask
3) Full length face shield
4) KN95 respirator
5) Bandana
6) Cone-style masks
7) Neck gaiter
Basic Cloth Face Mask
This is your standard, everyday version of a face mask. It’s also the version recommended for public use in the midst of COVID-19. You can wear this type of face mask while going to the grocery store, gas station, or any other open public place.
Surgical Face Mask
An FDA-approved surgical mask is made from a thin, disposable material. Medical professionals who are currently operating drive-thru testing for COVID-19 are wearing a version of this face mask . You’ll also see this type of mask worn in hospitals by doctors and respiratory therapists.
N95 Respirator
You won’t find N65 Respirators worn by the general public. This type of face mask is critical for health care workers and medical first responders. Please don’t use/purchase this type of mask if you are not working directly with patients. Supplies are scarce right now, and these masks need to be reserved for those who really need them. 
Full Length Face Shield
This is a mask that’s a flimsier, plastic version of the glass ones you see worn by welders. It covers the entire face from forehead to chin and secures with a cushioned headband. For the most part, a full length face shield isn’t ideal during the COVID-19 crisis as it’s tough to breathe in over time.