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Learning Council - Behaviour for Learning

by Mrs. Kean and Mr. Hawkes

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Welcome to Marsden Primary School’s Behaviour for Learning booklet. Within this booklet, you will read about our approaches to learning, school expectations and routines. At Marsden learning is at the centre of all we do and the learners and staff collaborate to build learning power. As learners, we are actively involved in the process of learning by recalling prior learning, feelings, strategies and considering the process of learning. Our classrooms are safe, inclusive environments in which to learn, take risks and make Fantastic Mistakes. Everyone is valued and accepted.

Our Vision:
At Marsden, we aim to create a supportive, inclusive community in which everyone collaborates and thinks with a Growth Mindset. Through accessing a deep and enriched bespoke curriculum all learners maximise individual strengths in order to develop lifelong skills, knowledge and vocabulary that will enable them to flourish as well-rounded, independent citizens. 
We will achieve this by living out our mission 

Our Mission:

As adults we will: Guide, nurture and inspire all learners to be the best they can be through developing a desire for learning and a goal to be successful. 

As learners we will: Strengthen our Growth Mindset by embracing and developing our skills, knowledge and vocabulary through engaging actively and collaboratively with all learning through our curriculum. On our learning journey we will also develop habits of mind (Learning Powers). We will achieve this through being proactive and respectful towards our learning, behaviours and the way we treat and interact with others. We will demonstrate pride in ourselves, our school and our community.