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My Puppy: Taz

by Madeleine Prins-Gervais


My Puppy: Taz
cc: My partner and I adopted the puppy when he was around 2.5/3 months old from someone who wasn't able to take care of him anymore. Originally he had a different name but we decided to change his name to Tasmanian Devil (or Taz for short) because of his fun, chaotic energy. This photo was taken around the time we adopted him when his ears hadn't gone up yet.
cc: Since he was little, Taz has been a water dog! This video is from July 6th when he was about 3 months old and shows him swimming to my partner and I.
cc: One of Taz's favourite things to do is go on walks. He loves to run around in dog parks and explore different parts of Kingston and Sydenham, especially if it involves a trip to the pet store! The picture shows Taz posed on a rock during his walk with one ear that had risen.
cc: Taz also loves to play with toys, especially ones that squeak. This is a video of him playing with one of his new toys, a squeaky avocado toast!
cc: Taz’s last big hobby is eating, especially treats, grass, and random things he finds on the sidewalk. This is a photo of Taz and I from the other day where I made him stop eating grass to capture this moment. 
In the future...
cc: I can’t wait to watch Taz grow into an adult and continue going on fun adventures with him to give him the best life possible!

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