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my professional identity log

by Snethemba Makhanya

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My Professional Identity Log
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My teaching philosophy
The classroom management tool I used was hand signals, I
thought of this because during my teaching learners would constantly get up and come to my table and ask me for different things which would result in a long line by my table and sometimes the learners would end socializing with their friends in this line and it would also distract the other learners that doing their work, so to end this I introduced different hand signals to the learners and their meanings, this way the learners wouldn’t have to come to my table and disturb the rest of the class or shout out what they need and they could simple show that hand signal and I would respond to them based on which hand signal they had up.
The different hand signals:
1 finger up-can I please go to the toilet
2 fingers up-I have a question with regards to the work
we are doing
3 fingers up-can I please go and blow my nose outside
5 fingers up- can I please borrow a pencil
Thumbs up-can I please go drink some water
To remind the learners of the different hand signals and
their meanings I stuck a piece of paper with their meanings on the board to
help them remember, I would say this was a success because I was able to
decrease the number of learners that would walk around in the classroom which would distract the other learners I was also able to put a stop to the shouting out whenever the learners wanted to ask for something and also not have them making a long line by my table to ask for different things
Teaching and education are not one size fits all and teachers should always accommodate the differences of the learners

This is my teaching philosophy that I believe in and that I always keep in mind before I start my teaching, in simpler terms this philosophy states that what might for one learner might not work on the other learner. As humans we are all different not only in the way we look but also in the way we think and in this case in the way we learn so as a teacher it is very important to always keep this in mind when faced with the task of teaching in the classroom in order to make sure that no learner is left behind and create a classroom environment that not only accepts but also accommodates and supports the differences of the learners. In my personal experiences in the classroom I have used this philosophy when I was planning my different lessons it has guided me to make sure that while I am planning my lessons I remember that all learners are different and during my lesson I should have different methods that will accommodate the differences of the learners, this could mean that some learners learn best when they see what is being taught, these are the visual learners this means that I should make sure to include pictures, videos or posters in my lesson and some learners learn best through hearing someone speak about that thing that is being taught these would be my audio learners for them I would make sure that I explain thoroughly and I speak in a way that is easier for them to understand. I would also make worksheets that will accommodate the differences of the learners as some worksheets it would
require the learners to answer in sentences and others, I would allow them to answer using pictures to show them understand this was also a way I accommodate the differences of the learners as I remembered that teaching and education isn't a one size fits all. I still do believe IN philosophy and have proven it to be true through my different teaching experiences, however through my experience I have seen that I should not only focus on accommodating the differences of each learner and meeting their preferred learning style but I should also try and get them to be able to  learn with other learning styles and get them to learn from each other to able to learn in different ways so that I can  build adaptable learners who will not struggle in the future should they get a teacher who believes one size fits all and only believes in one way of teaching. I should aspire to create learners who can also accommodate the different teachers they might experience. To re-create my teaching philosophy, I would say ‘’ teaching and education are not a one size fits all, teachers and learners should learn from each other to able to create adaptable teachers and learners’’.