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Vacation Gone Wrong

by Meenakshi Motwani


Meenakshi Motwani
10 A
Roll no. 22
Sketch - O - speak
vacation gone wrong
Theme - When Shakespeare meets Marvel!
Comic Panel 1
Starting 17th October
Jalsa is back!
The world's most successful cruise tour starting from Goa!
Comic Panel 2
Read the advertisement across the world. Delighted by seeing this, Peter Parker aka Spider Man and his friend Ned decided to go on this tour. On the other hand, Romeo and Juliet ran from Verona, Italy and decided to come on this tour. The four of them took a flight to Mumbai and then to Goa and reached the port of Goa.
All of them were late for the reporting time. Peter and Ned's taxi reached the port from the entry from left side and Romeo and Juliet's taxi reached the port from the entry from right side. They started running towards the cruise after ending their journey from taxi and ended up bumping into each other.
Comic Panel 2
Peter :
We are very sorry. Actually, we are in a hurry so...
Speech Bubble
They collected their belongings and entered the cruise
We are sorry too.
Speech Bubble
They were astonished by seeing the interiors of the ship. Be it the deck of the ship, the lobby, the balcony or the rooms, everything was quite stunning!
After one night's stay, there first destination was Mangaluru, Karnataka.
after the cruise was pulled over at the new mangalore port, the four of them went shopping in the city. Peter and Ned bought the famous cashews and nuts whereas Juliet bought the famous sado saree which is a traditional Mangalorean saree.