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World Water Day

by Μαρια Αγγελικη Πετροπουλου

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The story of a drop of water
Once upon a time there was a Kapchuk. All the drops that fell from him were very happy. But one day a very tiny silver drop fell.
She was not happy at all because her life was not interesting at all.
Although she came from the river and had passed through a thousand pipes, she wanted life to be full of adventure.
The wind too said hello her and they became friends. He told the wind what he had been through. He said he wanted to have a more interesting life. He offered to go up to the clouds with her in the wind. He liked the idea. Together, they rose up to the clouds with the power of the wind.
The wind started changing and became cold. His friends, the drops, froze.  They   were so heavy that the grey cloud could not hold them any longer, the drops had to travel again. Their first stop was the top of a tall mountain and with a fun, fast slide , they reached its foothills.
Over there, a girl was playing alone in the woods and was so sad that there weren’t any friends close. So teardrops slide down the girl’s cheek. But magically changed into beautiful rain above her head that made her to laugh!!!
She saw falling from heaven ... snow. It was the first time it had snowed that winter. She started playing
with snow, chasing it
and dancing.
Then came an idea to her ...
She decided to make a snowman. She started to make it but when she finished it, it melted. She looked at the sky and saw the Sun and rain. Rain was falling from the sky drop by drop.
Then, she saw something...